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Anandaya Foundation Books

Building a strong foundation to make the English language reading joyful and natural

Anandaya Foundation is striving to bring a reading revolution by creating decodable readers that are systematic with a rich phonics base to help child read with ease.  When team Anandaya started writing Anandaya books. It was carefully ensured that the vocabulary list was limited to high-frequency words used in the daily language of government school children. ‘Anandaya books set’ is a four-step staggering reading resource that helps children get started on their reading journey and makes reading fun and natural for children. It pushes the rigour of reading systematically throughout the academic year. The words used at every step are meticulously planned by our team of experts. Team Anandaya hopes to see all MCD children read English fluently using our specially curated books.

Step 1: Sound recognition books

(set of eleven books)

The first step in the reading journey of a student is recognising the sounds of the English alphabet and becoming familiar with the common words of each letter.

Sound recognition books

Step 2: CVC and sight words

(set of six sight word’s books and five CVC word books)

At this step, the child blends the learned sounds and forms CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) and simple sight words.

Sight words are words that cannot be read phonetically and visual memory is used to read the sight words also known as tricky words.

CVC words

Sight words

Step 3: CVC sentences

(set of fourteen books)

Having learned the sight and CVC words, it's now a cakewalk for our emerging reader to read the word family books at this step, a well-illustrated single sentence per page is the USP of this set.