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Building sustainable libraries for underprivileged children

1.2 Lakh

children have already benefitted from our libraries


libraries have already been built so far


teachers have been trained to enhance student outcomes

Elements of our library, the Pustakalaya

We aim to create libraries for not just namesake but libraries that are true to their purpose and fulfill their function. Any library would consist of some books, some furniture, and a bookshelf or alcove to place books, but what is mostly ignored is the environment. Is it gloomy? too solemn? intimidating? or challenging in a very healthy way? Young learners need an environment conducive enough to assimilate new learning. Students at MCD schools bear a lot of psychological load due to their socio-economic conditions. Primarily, school is the only safe and comfortable place they have.


In our library, the Pustakalaya, children experience the joy of reading in a freshly painted room in a vibrant shade, with wall-to-wall carpeting and cute child-friendly posters and cutouts on the walls. We bring in handpicked books from a variety of publishers in varied genres and level them according to the reading levels of children. After careful sorting according to reading levels, the books are placed in open racks for easy access to books with minimal adult intervention, allowing our children to develop a love of reading and embark on a lifelong journey to success. Our structure of pustakalaya reduces the gap between a book and a child. It makes reading joyful and natural by using the science of reading learned by children in the Pustakalaya.



Spaces that give dignity to children


Improved academics


Creative storytelling skill​


Closed the education gap​


Brought students and community together​

Improved reading Skills


Increased admissions and attendance​


Developed critical thinking and problem solving


Developed decision-making skills, and build their interests and strengths at their own pace​


Students' value systems have changed, which has resulted in behavioral changes


TedX Talk

Libraries can change Life | Jaishree Goyal | TEDxPSITKanpur

Libraries can change Life | Jaishree Goyal | TEDxPSITKanpur

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