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About Us

The flagship project of the Anandaya Foundation is Project Pustakalaya. Project Pustakalaya creates joyful and impactful children’s libraries in government schools. Unrestricted access to child-friendly, contextual books that match their reading levels becomes a catalyst for enhancing their reading, comprehension and expression skills in a vibrant and motivating environment for children. The New Education Policy 2020 mandates that children receive a holistic education, which allows for the development of an environment that encourages reading and critical thinking while also improving comprehension and communication skills through books and educational games. All of these ideas are well supported by the library. Project Pustakalaya is simple, unique, and replicable. Through the capacity building of the school teachers,  addressing the challenges and peer-to-peer sharing of best practices of the principals, and coordinating with the government education department, the Pustakalaya becomes an integral and indispensable part of the school, thereby ensuring sustainability.

School Libraries For
1.2 lakhs+

Public Libraries For
2 lakhs+

Creating joyful and meaningful libraries in low – income group and government schools.

Our Vision

Anandaya Foundation envisions making the Pustakalaya an integral part of every government school to reduce inequality in education and empower all children to read fluently with comprehension.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Anandaya Foundation is on a mission to build 3000 meaningful, functional libraries in government schools that enhance students’ reading, comprehension, and expression and make the model sustainable through capacity building. All children, irrespective of where they come from, must have access to quality reading resources along with the freedom to read, thereby reducing inequality in education.

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  • Striving for excellence: ensuring  optimal utility of all Pustakalayas

  • Being compassionate towards all

  • Innovate: Mapping the needs of our students to a sustainable solution

  • Own  the process: Staying 100% accountable 

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Team Anandaya


Jaishree Goyal, Sanjay Krishna Goyal, Anand Krishna Goyal

Jaishree Goyal

Founder & Trustee

Jaishree Goyal, Founder Trustee Anandaya Foundation is a highly compassionate educator and a social activist working fervently towards reducing the inequalities faced in education by the low-income group children relentlessly for decades.

Sanjay Krishna Goyal


Sanjay Krishna Goyal, the chairman, and trustee of Anandaya Foundation is the former Managing Director & CEO of ACL Mobile. A skilled manager, Sanjay started his first business in the technology sector in 1993 when he was just 24 years old. His extensive exposure and experience in building international businesses and start-ups were instrumental during the commencement of ACL Wireless in 2000. His expertise is the backbone of all segments; management, operations, and innovations at Anandaya Foundation.

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Our Facilitators and the Special Wands


Geeta Harish

The magical problem solver and the go-getter


Pratibha Dwivedi

The scholar and our book’s expert


Pinki Pawar

Pedagogy analyser


Zunaira Ansari

Our designer, makes everything look beautiful


Aishna Kejriwal

Our Wordsmith


Roselin Gabriel

The alchemist,  gets the libraries installed

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